RDI Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

RDI Technology (Shenzhen) was established when our US parent company decided to marry high-end American surveillance technologies with the production capabilities of China. We produce a wide variety of surveillance system products ranging from baby monitors to complete CCTV systems. We offer a comprehensive selection of standard products, but if you need surveillance products customized according to appearance and functionality, we have you covered with OEM and ODM services. Contact us today to learn more!

RDI Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
If you want products different in appearance and function, we can provide custom OEM or ODM services.
    1. Design EngineeringRead More
    2. Design Engineering RDI carries out the independent design of our products and is committed to providing wireless video monitoring solutions according to customer needs.
    1. ProductionRead More
    2. Production Our 6 medium-speed mounters, 1 high-speed mounter, 3 auto tin feeders and 8 injection molding machines operate with incredible efficiency and guarantee on-time delivery.
    1. TestingRead More
    2. Testing RDI carries out many incoming quality control methods over all raw materials. Our RoHS test equipment is used to test that toxic substance content meets international standards.
    1. ODM processRead More
    2. Custom Services 1. Designing product drawings and UI, and determining product functions
      2. Designing the internal structure of products and verifying appearance of prototypes